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Ramm was engaged to revitalize the space of this iconic Nelson Business. The expansion and renovation of the store was in close collaboration with the owner to deliver his vision of a beautiful and functional retail space. The store is filled with custom elements such as slat walls, cabinetry, shelving and displays to fulfill the aesthetic design and accent the retail products.
“Working with Ramm was one of the best experiences the DeVito Family has ever had with a contractor, period. Our family shoe store in Downtown Nelson BC was growing rapidly and needed a complete revamp and expansion of our space at 411 Hall St. Ramm met all of our expectations and helped create one of the most beautiful commercial spaces in the Kootenays. The attention to detail, communication, hard work and dedication to the project was out-standing. It was an absolute pleasure to work with the Ramm team and they became part of the family over the four month project.”



Mat DeVito

Nelson BC

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