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This unique full custom build was designed to meet the specific needs of the clients. Many features were inspired by the clients vision in creating a home that was driven by functionality and aesthetics. Innovative elements include building a bridge which leads to the main entry of the property, 5ft entrance door into the garage for moving recreational equipment and an extra large mud room.

RAMM_Selby – Nelson_exterior.jpg
“We have been in our house for one year. We have nothing unfinished and no regrets. We remember the early stages of design and Tom Magree enthusiastically saying: You get to build your dream house! At the early stage, we didn't a concept of a dream house.
RAMM General Contractors, Justin Richards and Tom Magree, one step at a time, guided us through the maze of decisions required to build a home. Justin and Tom took the time to understand our style. They combined our ideas with incredible craftsmanship to create unique custom detail”



Stephanie & Sam

Valhalla Pure

Nelson BC

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